Tuesday 23rd October 2018

[Incident] Region is down. (us-3)

"2018-10-23T22:10" (UTC) This incident has been resolved.

"2018-10-23T21:03" (UTC) We recovered the projects and we are now observing the region.

"2018-10-23T20:44" (UTC) We are in the process of recovering the affected projects.

"2018-10-23T20:20" (UTC) We are still working on the fix.

"2018-10-23T19:59" (UTC) We identified the issue and are are working on the fix.

Our monitoring has detected elevated error rates within our internal APIs; This affects multiple production sites as well as development environments. You may not be able to access your site nor the project UI. Our operations team has been notified and is currently investigating the issue. We will update you as soon as we have further information.