Friday 11th January 2019

Network Connectivity issues at Amazon AWS

Amazon released the following warning:

05:59 PM PST We are investigating network connectivity issues for some instances in a single Available Zone in the EU-WEST-2 Region.

This is affecting access to a number of our European clients.

This is still ongoing. We are seeing only one of the Availability Zones available at present.

06:29 PM PST We can confirm that some instances have experienced a loss of power in a single Availability Zone in the EU-WEST-2 Region. Some EBS volumes within the affected Availability Zone are experiencing degraded performance. We continue to work on resolving the issue.

7:15 PM PST Between 5:33 PM and 7:06 PM PST some instances experienced connectivity issues within a single Availability Zone in the EU-WEST-2 Region. The affected instances did not lose power but became unreachable due to a loss of power to networking devices within the affected Availability Zone. Some EBS volumes experienced degraded performance during this time period and launches of new EC2 instances and the creation of new EBS volumes experienced increased error rates. The issue has been resolved and the service is operating normally.